Errata 2005


Time Scales and Coordinate Systems, Section B

  • Page B30, Example of stellar reduction, value of π:

    replace 3.6458!imes!10-6 with 3.6458×10-6

The Sun, Section C

  • Page C1, Reference to osculating elements of the Earth/Moon barycenter:

    replace pages E3-E4 with pages E5-E6

The Moon, Section D

  • Page D1, Contents of Section D, Eclipses of the Moon:

    replace page A78 with page A80

  • Page D1, Contents of Section D, Physical and photometric data:

    replace page E88 with page E4

  • Page D2, Mean inclination of the lunar orbit to the ecliptic:

    replace 5.145 3964 with 5.156 6898

Major Planets, Section E

  • Page E2, under Heliocentric coordinates, page reference to the geocentric ecliptic coordinates of the Sun:

    replace pages C6-C20, with pages C4-C18

Minor Planets and Comets, Section G

  • Multiple pages:

    On pages G5 onwards, the minor planet transit times contain an unpredictable error. Mostly the times are in error by 0.1 or 0.2 minutes; occasionally the error reaches 0.4 minutes. Corrected pages may be downloaded here.

Stars and Stellar Systems, Section H

  • Page H10, Bright Stars, HR 2736:

    replace β2 Vol with γ2 Vol.

  • Table of Bright Stars, orbital correction to positions of wide binaries was incorrectly applied to the Hipparcos positions:

    BS=HR No. 5459

    replace 14h 39m 59.6s -60° 51' 21" with 14h 39m 59.1s -60° 51' 24"

    BS=HR No. 5460

    replace 14h 39m 57.1s -60° 51' 37" with 14h 39m 57.7s -60° 51' 33"

    (For stars BS=HR No. 5459 and BS=HR No. 5460, these errata also apply to the Table of Double Stars.)

    BS=HR No. 8085

    replace 21h 07m 08.1s +38° 46' 49" with 21h 07m 08.8s +38° 46' 36"

    BS=HR No. 8086

    replace 21h 07m 10.7s +38° 45' 55" with 21h 07m 10.1s +38° 46' 09"

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