Errata 2006


Planetary Phenomena, Section A

  • Page A3, Heliocentric Phenomena:

    for Venus dates of Aphelion, add Dec. 27

Time-Scales and Coordinate Systems, Section B

  • Page B8, line 11:

    replace “longitudes of the Earth and Jupiter.” with “ecliptic longitudes of the Sun and Jupiter.”

  • Page B8, second paragraph, last line:

    replace 216.20° with 63.16°

  • Page B29, in the equation for the precessional constant M:

    omit 0.00144312° from the equation

  • Page B30, Reduction of Celestial Coordinates:

    replace, entire section “Reduction for nutation — rigorous formulae,”
    with a corrected version of the section

  • Pages B32-B39, table of Nutation, Obliquity & Intermediate System:

    insert 245 under 0h TT in the column headed Julian Date on each page

  • Page B56, Approximate formulae for the pole of the Celestial Intermediate Reference System:

    replace L = 297.5° + 0.996d with L = 279.5° + 0.986d

  • Page B57, Table containing the terms for the Series Parts of s and the Equation of the Equinoxes, fourth column headed “Coefficient C'k for EqE:”

    replace, all plus (+) signs, with minus (-) signs
    replace, all minus (-) signs, with plus (+) signs

    The correct version of the table is provided for clarification

  • Page B67, Step B, line 11:

    replace “longitude of the Earth” with “ecliptic longitude of the Sun”

The Sun, Section C

  • Page C1, Eccentricity of the Sun:

    replace 0.016 683 38 - 0.000 000 0116 d
    with 0.016 706 11 - 0.000 000 0012 d

  • Page C1, Reference to osculating elements of the Earth/Moon barycenter:

    replace pages E3-E4 with pages E5-E6

The Moon, Section D

  • Page D2, Mean inclination of the lunar orbit to the ecliptic:

    replace 5.145 3964 with 5.156 6898

Major Planets, Section E

  • Page E2, under Heliocentric coordinates, page reference to the geocentric ecliptic coordinates of the Sun:

    replace pages C6-C20 with pages C4-C18

  • Page E45, under Semidiameter and parallax, last paragraph:

    for equatorial horizontal parallax of a planet replace 8.794148 arcseconds with 8.794143 arcseconds

Minor Planets and Comets, Section G

  • Multiple pages:

    On pages G5 onwards, the minor planet transit times contain an unpredictable error. Mostly the times are in error by 0.1 or 0.2 minutes; occasionally the error reaches 0.4 minutes. Corrected pages may be downloaded here.

Stars and Stellar Systems, Section H

  • Page H10, Bright Stars, HR 2736:

    replace β2 Vol with γ2 Vol

Astronomical Constants, Section K

  • Page K6, item 6, Light-time for unit distance, third line:

    replace =173.144 632 684 7d (TDB)
    with 1/τA=173.144 632 684 7 au/d (TDB)

  • Page K7, item 16, General precession in longitude at J2000.0:

    replace 5029.796 95 with 5028.796 95

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