Errata 2009



Time Scales, Section B

  • Page B10, Equation of the Equinoxes:

    The first paragraph of the Equation of the Equinoxes portion should read as in the attached PDF.

  • Page B50, Equinox Method of reduction from the GCRS — rigorous formulae

    The term M3,3 should read

    sin ϵ cos ψ sin φ + cos ϵ cos φ

  • Page B51, Offsets of the Pole and Origin at J2000.0

    For F-W IAU 2006, in the column φB

    replace 6.891 with 6.819

  • Page B54, in the formulae c:

    replace $-0.0001\,0415\,5607\ T^3$
    with $+2.9710\ \times\ 10^{-8}\ T^3$

    and in the formulae c':

    replace $-0.0001\,0417\,7728\ T^3$
    with $+7.5882\ \times\ 10^{-9}\ T^3$

Minor Planets and Comets, Section G

  • Multiple pages:

    On pages G5 onwards, the minor planet transit times contain an unpredictable error. Mostly the times are in error by 0.1 or 0.2 minutes; occasionally the error reaches 0.4 minutes. Corrected pages may be downloaded here.

Tables and Data, Section K

  • Page K6, constant #4:

    replace LB = 1.550 519 767 72 × 10-8 with LB = 1.550 519 768 × 10-8
    and replace (Refs.) I06 E with I06

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