Errata 2011


Phenomena, Section A

  • Page A91, Circumstances of the Eclipse:

    Magnitude of greatest eclipse should be 0.9049

Time Scales, Section B

  • Page B10, Equation of the Equinoxes:

    The first paragraph of the Equation of the Equinoxes portion should read as in the attached PDF.

  • Page B50, Equinox Method of reduction from the GCRS — rigorous formulae

    The term M3,3 should read

    sin ϵ cos ψ sin φ + cos ϵ cos φ

  • Page B51, Offsets of the Pole and Origin at J2000.0

    For F-W IAU 2006, in the column φB

    replace 6.891 with 6.819

  • Page B54, in the formulae c:

    replace $-0.0001\,0415\,5607\ T^3$
    with $+2.9710\ \times\ 10^{-8}\ T^3$

    and in the formulae c':

    replace $-0.0001\,0417\,7728\ T^3$
    with $+7.5882\ \times\ 10^{-9}\ T^3$

The Moon, Section D

  • Pages D7-D21 (odd pages):

    Nutation in obliquity was added to the mean inclination in error. This has resulted in errors of ±0°.001 in 162 instances of the physical librations and 6 instances of the total librations. A new version of the physical ephemeris of the Moon for 2011 may be downloaded here.

Stars and Stellar Systems, Section H

  • Page H56

    Exoplanet υ And d should be υ And b and Exoplanet υ And b should be υ And d

Notes and References, Section L

  • Page L23

    In the table of IAU constants after the fourth paragraph of Section K material, the first value—Light-time for unit distance—should be

    499s.004 783 806 1 (TDB)

    The printed value is missing the units symbol and decimal point.

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