Errata 2014


Time Scales, Section B

  • Page B54, in the formulae c:

    replace $-0.0001\,0415\,5607\ T^3$
    with $+2.9710\ \times\ 10^{-8}\ T^3$

    and in the formulae c':

    replace $-0.0001\,0417\,7728\ T^3$
    with $+7.5882\ \times\ 10^{-9}\ T^3$

Natural Satellites, Section F

  • Pages F6, F8, F40, F47, F50, F51; orbital periods of certain bodies

    The values for the orbital periods given on F2 and F4 occasionally do not match similar data given on F6, F8, F40, F47, F50, or F51. In all cases, the values on F2 and F4 are the most up-to-date.

Dwarf Planets and Small Solar System Bodies, Section G

  • Page G3, Physical Properties of Dwarf Planets:

    In the table header for Maximum Angular Diameter:

    replace $\arcmin$ with $\arcsec$

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