Errata 2016


Phenomena, Section A

  • Page A2, Occultations of X-ray sources by the Moon:

    A table of occultations of X-ray sources by the Moon has not been available on The Astronomical Almanac Online.

Time-Scales and Coordinate Systems, Section B

  • Page B71, Example of planetary reduction: CIO Method:

    Under the calculation of the Greenwich hour angle of Venus, on the second line, the minus sign relating to right ascension should be inside the parentheses.

Natural Satellites, Section F

  • Pages F6, F8, F40, F47, F50, F51; orbital periods of certain bodies

    The values for the orbital periods given on F2 and F4 occasionally do not match similar data given on F6, F8, F40, F47, F50, or F51. In all cases, the values on F2 and F4 are the most up-to-date.

  • Page F43, Titan table only:

    Other than Jan., months given in the Eastern Elongation column should be shifted down one row.

Dwarf Planets and Small Solar System Bodies, Section G

  • Page G7, Pluto, Geocentric Positions for 0h Terrestrial Time:

    The values given for the ecliptic longitude, LS, are in error by 180°.

Notes and References, Section L

  • Page L7, Eclipses:

    The elements and circumstances of the eclipses detailed on A84-A96 are based on the JPL ephemerides DE430/LE430 rather than DE405/LE405.

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