In this section of The Astronomical Almanac, various phenomena of astronomical interest are published. Solar phenomena, such as the time of Sun's apogee, perigee, equinoxes and solstices are given. Lunar phenomena including time of the Moon's phases, perigee, apogee and occultations of planets and bright stars are presented. Geocentric and Heliocentric phenomena for the planets, as well as their visibility, configurations, and magnitudes are listed. Tables of Sunrise, Sunset, and twilight (civil, nautical and astronomical) are given for the year for latitudes from -55° to +66°. A technique to interpolate these tables for virtually any city is presented along with an example. Solar and lunar eclipse data, including maps, methods to compute local circumstances and path of central phase (if there is a total eclipse) are printed.

The Astronomical Almanac Online! 2020