UBVRI Johnson Standards

These data are a selection of stars supplied by H. L. Johnson to serve as bright standards of the UBVRI photometric system. Included in the table are positions and associated photometric data and spectral types. Positions are given in J2000.0 coordinates. The photometric data are taken from Johnson et al. (Comm. Lunar Planetary Lab, Vol. 4, Pt. 3, table 2, 1966). The filter bands have the following effective wavelengths: U = 3600 Å, B = 4400 Å, V = 5500 Å, R = 7000 Å, I = 9000 Å. Known variable sources are marked in the "Notes" column. This list of Johnson standards was removed from the printed edition of The Astronomical Almanac beginning with the 2003 edition and is provided only through this website.

  • UBVRI Johnson Standards for 2000 in ASCII format
  • UBVRI Johnson Standards for 2000 in PDF format
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