ubvy and Hβ Standard Stars

Starting with the 2016 edition, the ubvy & Hβ standards have been removed from the printed publication and are only available here.

The selection and photometric data for standards on the Strömgren four-color and Hβ systems are those of Perry et al. (1987). Only the 319 stars which have four-color data are included. The u band is centered at 3500Å; v at 4100Å; b at 4700Å; and y at 5500Å. Four indices are tabulated: b-y, m1 = (v-b)-(b-y), c1 = (u-v)-(v-b) and Hβ.

Star names and numbers are taken from the fifth revised edition of the Yale Bright Star Catalogue (BSC: Hoffleit and Warren, 1991). Positions and proper motions are taken from the Naval Observatory Merged Astronomical Database (NOMAD, Zacharias et al. (2004)). Spectral types are taken from the list of bright stars or from the original reference cited above. Visual magnitudes given in the column headed V are taken from the original reference and therefore may disagree with those given in the list of bright stars.

  • 2016 uvby & Hβ in PDF and ASCII format
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