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Observatories in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland appear under the United Kingdom. Observatories in the United States appear under the appropriate state, under United States of America (USA).

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Observatory Name: Observatories with radio instruments, infrared instruments, or laser instruments are designated with an R, I, or L, respectively.

Location: This is a city or town associated with the observatory, sometimes with the name of the mountain on which the observatory is actually located. Since some institutions have observatories located outside of their native countries, this column indicates the locale of the observatory, but not necessarily the ownership by that country.

Longitude: The longitude of one of the instruments on the observatory grounds is given such that observatories to the east of the Prime Meridian have a positive longitude while observatories to the west of the Prime Meridian have a negative longitude.

Height: The height in meters of the observatory instrument is given with respect to mean sea level (m. s. l.).

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