Bright Stars

The table of bright stars contains those stars with visual magnitude of 4.5 or brighter in the Yale Bright Star Catalog or 5.5 or brighter in the FK5 catalog which are also listed in the Hipparcos Catalogue. It is intended to be an isotropic distribution of stars for use with small telescopes. Also included in the table are all MK atlas standards listed in the Yale Bright Star Catalog. The faintest stars in the list are roughly 7th magnitude.

Stellar positions and proper motions are taken from the Hipparcos Catalogue and converted to epoch, equator, and equinox of the middle of the current year listed below; radial velocities are included in the calculation where available. Where noted, FK5 positions and proper motions are used for a few wide binary stars given the requirement for center of mass positions to generate their orbital positions.

The codes used in the "Notes" column are as follows:

a anchor point for the MK system
c composite or combined spectrum
d double star given in Washington Double Star Catalog
o orbital position generated using FK5 center-of-mass position and proper motion
s MK standard star
v star given in Hipparcos Periodic Variables list
6 spectroscopic binary
7 magnitude and color refer to combined light of two or more stars

An application to search the table of Bright Stars by right ascension, declination, and magnitude is now available.

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